Pack It Up, Pack It In

T H E  L O W - D O W N



You just made a sale.  Next stop: packing up that lovely find!

Ebay sellers use all kinds of packing materials to send their items, ranging from the professional to the… not so. (Diaper box, anyone? Yes, people ship things in Pampers boxes, y’all.) Here is a peek into how I pack my sales.

Item’s you’ll need:

  • Self-adhesive shipping labels
  • Computer Paper
  • Shipping Polymailers
  • Clear polybags

My step-by-step method:

  1. Purchase postage from eBay and print onto a self-adhesive shipping label. (You don’t need a special printer to do this!) Place the label on your empty polymailer.
  2. Neatly fold your garment and place it in your clear polybag. Use a small piece of tape to secure the bag closed.
  3. Print off your packing slip and write a quick “Thank you!” on it.
  4. Place the bagged garment and packing slip into your polymailer and seal it up. You’re good to go!

Fullscreen capture 1082014 24353 PM.bmp


4 thoughts on “Pack It Up, Pack It In

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  2. Hi there! Your shipping instructions are terrific. Where can I find the clear polybags you use? What a great idea. I use Ziploc knock-offs which tend to be pretty expensive. Thanks for your help!


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