My Best-Selling Clothing Brand

Are there any labels that, when spotted while slogging through endless racks a Goodwill, make your little ol’ heart skip a beat? For me, it’s Anthropologie.

Me want buy everything in store.

I love finding Anthropologie pieces at the thrift store, because 1) they are pretty, and pretty things make me happy, 2) they sell like hotcakes, usually, and 3) they sell at a higher price point than a lot of other labels I often find.

In the last 31 days, I’ve sold 41 items, for a total of $1,186.05. Of those sales, 18 of them were Anthropologie items, for a total of $414.20. That amounts to 44%, in terms of number of items, and 35% in terms of dollars. (If you were to take out the lucky “big ticket” items that sold for significantly higher than my average sale price, that dollar percentage of Anthropologie items would be closer to 45%.)


There is a little bit of a learning curve to finding Anthro pieces, because their tags don’t say “Anthropologie”, but rather a variety of in-house designer names. One website that has helped tremendously in identifying Anthropologie labels is here. They almost always have an RN# of 66170. (However, Urban Outfitters and Free People also carry that RN#.) If I find a piece of clothing made out of quality fabric, looks well made, and is unique and stylish (and I don’t recognize the label), I’ll take a peek at the RN#. If is carries the 66170, I’ll do a Google search for “[label name] Anthropologie” and usually from the results, I can determine whether or not I have an Anthropologie piece.

Anyway, all that to say, Anthropologie is my bread and butter. It’s a consistent seller, and I can count on it to bring in my goal profit of at least $15/item.

Which clothing brands are your favorite to find? I’d love to hear!


6 thoughts on “My Best-Selling Clothing Brand

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