Three Lessons From My Best Weekend Ever

I don’t know about you, but my weekend sales are usually pretty slim. I personally tend to make most of my online purchases during the week and fill my weekends with family time, and I imagine a lot of buyers do the same, leaving me with little to do on the eBay front Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Not so this past weekend! In the span of three days, I had 10 sales, with a total profit (after fees, shipping, COGS) of $218.66. My weekend profits are usually down in the double digits, so I was very pleased when I added my sales up Sunday night.

There are a few “take-aways” I drew when looking over the 10 items that are now on their ways to their buyers, and I wanted to share them here:

  1. An item can sell, all of a sudden, after months of sitting around with no action.

    This dress has been hanging in my eBay closet for months with very few views, and little or no watchers. But the right buyer came along on Friday and snatched it up! Total profit = $18.72

    free people dress oct 10


  2. Garments from quality, high-end labels sell, even if the style is dated.

    I’m sure whoever bought this is going to rock the shoulder pads, but I personally wouldn’t pick up a jacket like this. That being said, St. John is a highly desirable label, and there are people out there who want St. John pieces, 1980’s throwback or not. Total profit = $52.44

    st john oct 10

  3. Returns are not the end of the world.

    I have a 14-day return policy on nearly all my items. I receive very few returns (around 2.2% of my total sales), but my heart sinks any time I see the words “Return Started” in a message from eBay. As disappointing as it is to have an item sent back, the best thing to do it to relist it for a few dollars higher and sell it again. Case in point–the dress below was returned to me earlier in the week, because it didn’t fit the previous buyer. I relisted it late in the week, and lo and behold, it sold again on Sunday. My mantra is “If it sold once, it’ll sell again.” Total profit = 13.48.anthro dress oct 12

I hope I’m not alone in having had my best weekend ever! Happy flipping, everyone!


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