BOLO – Magaschoni (And How I Discover New Brands)

Magaschoni is a brand I had never heard of, before coming across this dress on a recent thrifting excursion:


Total profit = $30.53

Of course, a quick Google search shows me that more seasoned sellers have been keen to this brand before my discovery of it, but I’m glad that I now know firsthand that’s it a label to look out for.

So, what about this dress jumped out at me and wormed its way into my cart? Three things: fabric content, the tag, and the style.

  1. Fabric Content
    The tag showed me that this dress was 46% silk, 41% cashmere, 11% nylon, and 2% spandex. A dress with that high content of silk and cashmere is probably going to have originally sold for a pretty penny. Dresses currently for sale on the Magaschoni site are in the mid- to upper-$300 range. Wowza.
  2. The Tag
    The actual tag that say “Magaschoni” is pretty nondescript. However, the size tag and the fabric content tag are made of this clear, rubbery material. magaschoni tagI’ve found that this rubbery tag material is often used by higher-end labels. This isn’t a blanket rule for all labels, but in general, high-end labels don’t use papery tags, with a few exceptions. They tend to use the above type, or a fabric tag. Additionally, there are some more middle-of-the-road labels that do use this rubbery tag (I’m thinking of Calvin Klein), that I generally will pass up when thrifting. So, again, not a sure-fire sign of a great find, but it did pique my interest in this particular dress.
  3. The Style
    The other thing that made me want to look into this dress, is that it just looked nice. Turtlenecks are really in right now, the color was unusual and likely flattering on many skin tones, and sweater dresses are big sellers in the fall and winter. If I had been shopping for myself, I probably would have tried on and maybe bought this dress. I figured that surely someone else out there on eBay felt the same way.

Well, there you have it. Keep your eyes peeled for Magaschoni when you’re sourcing inventory. I’m always seeking out new labels to add to my BOLO repertoire; I hope this helps other clothing resellers out there!


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