Today’s Three-Figure Sale, And Why I’m A Little Bummed About It

missoni sale

I took a quick glance at my phone after our priest made his way out of Mass this morning and saw an offer of $100.00 on a pre-owned Missoni dress that I’ve had listed for probably close to 9 months. Once we got everyone packed into the mini-van, I checked completed listings, decided that $100 was a fair price, and accepted the offer. The buyer paid during our ride home, and I just got back from my walk to the post office, where I sent it on its way. The sale resulted in a total profit of $78.81.

So, why am I bummed?

I think I priced the dress poorly. I had it listed for $199.99, or best offer. A check of completed listings of dresses by the same label in the same size, condition, and buying format show that the highest recent sale was for $135. Having it listed for $200, even with the best offer option, probably turned a lot of buyers away. Had I priced it around $150 OBO, I imagine may have garnered more interest. (This was the first offer I received in the many months it’s been listed.) That greater amount of interest would probably have resulted in more watchers and more offers, and I and may have received an offer closer to $125 or $130. Additionally, I could have priced it at $130 or so without the best offer option, and made a larger profit that I did today. I guess I could have declined the $100 offer, or counteroffered at a higher price, but it had just been sitting so long–I was itching to get it off my hands.

That being said, I’m not really upset about the sale. The almost $80 in profit is more than I woke up with, and I’ll be another little dent in that student loan I’m working on. However, moving forward, I need to be more careful with my pricing, especially with these big-ticket items that don’t come around very often. I need to make sure that I don’t price my items so high that they drive away buyers who would be willing to offer a price that I would take, if not for the excessive asking price.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Three-Figure Sale, And Why I’m A Little Bummed About It

  1. Great post!

    I’ve made 5 sales since I started following you in the last week. I’ve had over $150 in sales which isn’t bad with the flipping especially since they are all shoes. I had a sale this morning on some Michael Kors sandals that I know I under priced but I wanted to see if there was any interest. I am learning too I suppose!


    • I’m so happy to hear an update from you! I think you’re primed to do really well as a reseller. It takes most people way longer to see sales than that. Keep it up! I have never had luck with shoes; I’m glad you have! And about pricing–the best thing to do is to check completed listings for similar items. I try to price my around 90-110% of the highest completed items. I was just being lazy when I listed this dress, I think. Live and learn!


  2. I guess it is all live and learn with eBay. I more of a casual seller, but I understand the importance of research. I have sold a lot of vintage toys in the last few years, and some buyers definitely want me to take less for them. I usually hold my ground!


    • If you are confident in the value of what you’re selling, then holding your ground is the right way to go! Sometimes it’s just a matter of waiting for the right buyer to come along.


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