Ebay Listing Titles: Four Essential Components

Choosing a title is the first step in creating an eBay listing. But do you ever sit down to type out that title and suddenly come down with writer’s block? Today, I want to share my quick formula for writing great eBay listings.

Let’s look at this recent sale of mine, a Lilly Pulitzer sundress:

title post whole listing


When crafting a title for my eBay listings, I always include four essential components:

  1. The Brand Name
  2. Article of Clothing
  3. The Size
  4. Descriptors

Let’s briefly take a closer look at these components, one-by-one:

title post close up

The Brand Name

I focus on selling mid- to high-end clothing. The name of the clothing maker is a significant part of what makes the item valuable, so I make sure that it is highlighted in my title by placing it first and typing it in all caps.

Article of Clothing

Is it a top, dress, pants, shorts, etc? Make sure that information is next.


Include the size, of course! For this particular dress, I included two sizes, based on my knowledge of Lilly Pulitzer. The older line of Lilly (with a white tag, like this one) runs smaller than the current line (with a pink tag). This listing is for a “White Tag” Lilly, size 2, but that corresponds more to a current-day size 0, so I included both sizes here, and made note of my reasons in the listing description.


Here, I place a few key pieces of information that I think a buyer might be searching for, or that give relevant information of the listed item. For example, maybe my buyer specifically is searching for a yellow Lilly Pulitzer dress. My title will bring that buyer right to me! Additionally, “eyelet” and “pintucks” give relevant information about the fabric and style of the dress. You might also want to add words like “cashmere” or “maxi” or other similar descriptors, if they’re relevant to your item. Try not to use words like “WOW!” or “awesome” or anything that isn’t directly descriptive of  your particular item.


Well, there you go! If you ever feel stuck when writing a listing title, try using these four essential components, tweaking it as needed! For further reading, here are a couple pages I’ve found helpful when creating listings. Both talk about titles as an important part of the listings and then go into details about other important listing features:

Top 5 Ways To Rank Higher In Cassini Search On Ebay

Crucial Factors in Ebay Search For the New Cassini Platform

Thank you for stopping by! Good luck listing!


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