Top Five Reasons Why I Love What I Do

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love What I Do

Every now and then, I feel a wave of gratitude for the (admittedly moderate) amount of success I’ve had in the past year selling my thrift store finds on eBay. I have failed in past entrepreneurial endeavors, so I’m just thrilled that this one has “stuck.”

I jotted down a list of the top five reasons why I love what I do:

  1. It feeds my shopping habit.

    I’ve always loved me some retail therapy. For some reason, wandering around a store, flipping through racks of clothing is really enjoyable. And is there any better feeling than seeing a “holy grail” item staring at you from the rack? The ones that make your little heart go pitter-patter? (I’m looking at you, St. John.)

  2. I’m always having to learn new things.

    I have learned so much about clothing brands, eBay policy, and business strategies (and now blogging!) since I began this selling adventure. My most recent bit of self-education has been in learning how to code. I hope to one day make this blog a great resource for beginning and intermediate online sellers, and knowing how to code will be essential.

  3. I have so much flexibility.

    I know I could make more money with a full time nine-to-five, but that’s not what I want for my life right now. I love that I can work my sourcing in around my two little girls’ schedule and not miss out on much of their antics. (Although, a solo thrifting trip after the hubs gets home is great when I need to just. get. out. You moms know what I’m talking about.) Also, if I’m sick or traveling, I can put my store on vacation without having to ask permission from a boss.

  4. I love making customers happy.

    Getting glowing feedback from a buyer always makes my day. I know that I’m giving women great deals on desirable clothing brands. That they scored their lovely new Magaschoni cashmere dress on eBay is our little secret.

  5. I’m pleased to support Goodwill.

    I do almost all of my shopping at Goodwill, whose mission is to “sell donated goods to provide employment and training opportunities for people who have disabilities and others who have trouble finding and keeping jobs”. I know that the hundreds of dollars I’ve spend over the last year (and counting!) is going to a great cause. I know that there is dignity in work, and I’m glad there are organizations out there, like my local Goodwill, who are extending that opportunity for the dignity we all deserve to those who are struggling to find their place in the workforce.

To my fellow flippers: what would you add? Why do you love what you do?

Oh, and as an aside: Have you noticed anything different about the blog? Take a peek up at the address bar. That’s right–I’m now the proud owner of the “” domain! Woo!


3 thoughts on “Top Five Reasons Why I Love What I Do

  1. This is a great list! Being that I am just starting with flipping this is helpful. Congrats on obtaining your domain name! If you don’t have the app Retail Me Not is a good app for iPhone with coupons and such. There is a Go daddy one until the end of Oct. for $1.49 domains. I purchased a few for myself & also my little sisters names in the event they may one day want a website for professional reasons. It’s like real estate only its “web-estate” 😉


    • Thank you for the tip! I just bought the domain through WordPress, so I probably overpaid. Oops! And that is smart to go ahead and buy up domains just in case, before someone else does!


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