I’m On The Hunt!

Hello, Flippers! I’m back after an illness-induced hiatus, but I’m ready to make up for lost time!

Right now, I am just fed up with my lighting set-up. I know that great pictures are essential for making sales, and rarely do I ever feel like my pictures are great. Usually they’re good enough and sometimes they’re just embarrassingly bad.

good picture

      not too shabby

bad picture

who took such an awful picture?! not me… *hides face in shame*

To get a good picture, I have to have good lighting. To have good lighting, I have to be ready to take pictures when the sun is in such-and-such position in relation to my house. But unfortunately, that time tends to be in the afternoon. You know, when my small people need to be fed and cleaned and helped to potty and tucked in for their nap. I dream of the day when I can take pictures in the morning, with a cup of coffee in my hand and everyone else asleep.

All that to say, I need some studio lighting. Also, I don’t want to pay a lot for it. And it needs to set up and break down really easily, or else be really easy to stash in a closet.

I keep coming back to this detailed post. I have seen many places, including there, that I need 5000K light bulbs. Of that, I am sure. But besides that, I’m pretty lost. I hear differing opinions on florescent bulbs, and even if I do decide what kind of bulb to buy, how on earth will I mount them? These are the things that keeps me awake at night. (Not really.)

On the other hand, I could forgo the DIY route, and just buy a kit like this one on Amazon. It’s more expensive that making my own lights would probably be, but I’m sure it would be easier. The only other qualm I have is that it looks like a pain to set up and take down.

I will keep y’all updated with what I decide to do, but please chime in with a comment if you have any opinions or direction!


6 thoughts on “I’m On The Hunt!

  1. I really don’t know! However, I think that Maxine at “Fulltime Ebay Seller” bought her lighting at Home Depot. Maybe drop her an email?

    I wanted you to know that I sold my first Anthrpologie blouse on Ebay, thanks to your RN number. I found it at a Goodwill. I only made $5 after purchasing it, fees and free shipping (maybe priced too low?), but I was really glad to know how to find these kinds of blouses. Many thanks!


  2. Oh, Isabella, that makes me so happy! Anthropologie has been a great seller for me, and I’m so glad you sold a piece! The more you know about the label, the more you’ll be able to recognize which items command the highest prices.

    Thanks for the little update! 🙂


  3. I feel your pain! 🙂 I have a small window of time in the afternoon where the light is acceptable for pictures. I would love to have lights, but at this point we just don’t have the room! If I were you, I would just buy them. $54 & shipped free is worth it over the hassle of trying to make something, IMO. 😉


  4. I did my lighting loosely following the $40 home depot guide that you posted. I used old book shelves and made it come together for about $20-$25! My pictures aren’t perfect or studio quality, but I think they do the trick for now. I edit them as well to make them brighter. If I wanted PERFECT lighting..I would need another two sets of fixtures and I don’t have the space where I am now. I utilize a full mannequin, so I think that helps a lot too.


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