BOLO — Tasha Polizzi

I wanted to share a quick post about a brand I came across for the first time recently: Tasha Polizzi. The clothing line has a lot of western influence with denim, embroidery, plaid, and boho styles.

There’s not a whole lot on their website that retails for under $100, so I’m sure budget conscious shoppers who love the brand will be looking on eBay for deals.

Here’s a screenshot of some recently sold Tasha Polizzi items:

tasha polizzi recents

I recently picked up a pretty teal button-down tunic top with intricate orange and white embroidery. (I used the top for a before-and-after lighting comparison here, but didn’t get a chance to actually update the listing before it sold!)

tasha polizzi sold

I paid $4.49 and it sold for $35.99 (plus shipping), which left me with a profit of $26.56 after fees. If I see any more Tasha Polizzi pieces (especially jackets and coats) I’ll be adding them to my cart!


8 thoughts on “BOLO — Tasha Polizzi

  1. Totally unrelated question: do you have buyers that contact you asking you to hold items for a specific time period until they get money to afford the item they want?

    I’ve had that a few times over the last couple of weeks.

    do you hold items? Just curious because I do not.


    • In general, I’ll politely decline a request like that. I have the unpaid buyer assistant set to open an unpaid item case after four days of non-payment, so I guess if someone asked me if they could buy an item buy pay within four days, I’d be fine with that! Great question!


      • Oh no this buyer wanted to pay when she received a check on Dec. 23rd for her retirement…. She had the notion to barter with me on the price and then say she could pay on 12/23. NO DICE!
        As a frequent eBay buyer I would never even think to ask that question when shopping online. If you are shopping online you need to have the funds readily available. eBay is a luxury and something that you don’t have to have if you are on a severe crunch budget. IMO!


  2. I just recently sold my first Tasha Polizzi and a week later found another one. Actually mine were both Tasha Polizzi for T.P. Saddleblanket Co. Not sure if that is a different branch of her company or what. Great stuff. The one I just listed was a gorgeous faux fur leopard print coat. Hoping to get some good money off that one 🙂


    • That’s awesome! I bet you’ll get more than a few pretty pennies for the coat.

      I think you’re right about the two lables–from the website, it sounds like they make clothing, accessories, and home goods under both names.


  3. Tasha Polizzi is a great one to find! I live near her T.P.Saddle Blanket Store. For whatever reason I rarely find any of her pieces but when I do they always sell for lots of $$! Great BOLO!


    • Maybe everyone around you knows how great the brand is and can’t bear to part with her things! 🙂 Also, I’m drooling over so many things in your store, and I *love* the wooden background you have on some of your pictures. I know eBay always says to have a plain white background in listings, but I think a stylish background can add so much. I’m making a mental note to come back to your store after I get a little Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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