One Last Post On The Lights

My second set of lights came several days ago, and I am happy with them!

Here is how I’ve been setting them up in our bedroom:


And here is how pictures taken with this set up look:


The garments are lit evenly, and I’m not getting that dark spot in the bottom right corner.

Like I mentioned previously, I want to buy a white backdrop soon. I think it would be an improvement over our grayish, beige-y walls. That would also allow me to set up in the garage, so that I could keep my light stands set up around the clock.

Overall, I’m really happy with my $50 investment. (Looks like the price has gone up since I bought mine!) I love that I can take pictures at any point in the day and that they’re coming out much more consistently well-lit than when I relied on natural light.

If anyone is interested in the set I bought, here is a link to the listing on Amazon.


9 thoughts on “One Last Post On The Lights

    • Yes, absolutely! I think it might even be better to use them at night, so that you wont have any natural light coming in from the windows. Having two different colored light can make your photos look a bit “off”.


  1. I actually like your background. This way it works with all color clothing. If you have white clothing, it doesn’t look so great with a white background. This looks perfect Erica!


    • Thanks! I agree that white clothing probably shows up better here than it would against a white background, but I do run into issues when I’m photographing beige or cream colores clothing. It would be nice to have the option of either the wall or a white backdrop. Thanks for reading and for the encouraging comment!


      • What might work for you in that situation is pulling the lights back further from the background and maybe angling them away from the back a little. This will darken your background and should work for you. Play around a bit. You can get a whole bunch of different looks by changing your lights around. I own a portrait studio IRL and use my lights to get all different kinds of looks. LOL


      • Okay! I will try that when I do my next batch of pictures. Thanks for the tips! I know so little about photigraphy, so I appreciate any advice I can get.


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