Goals for 2015

I used to be the kind of person who shunned New Year’s Resolutions. I always thought a calendar year was such an arbitrary amount of time to accomplish something, and that if you had a goal, you should start working on it today, not January 1st. However, I decided to make resolutions last year, and I’m happy to say I can (almost) consider them all accomplished. (run a half marathon – check; pay at least $1,000 on my loans from eBay money – super check; work out 3 times a week – sorta check)

Of course, it’s really important to have goals for your business, so that you’re always pushing yourself to grow and be better instead of stagnating into mediocrity. Here are my business goals for 2015 (even if 12 months is kind of arbitrary):

  • Get the number of active listings in my store up to 200:I’ve recently started listening to the Scavenger Life podcast. They often talk about how success on eBay is a “number’s game” and that sellers should place a high priority on having a large inventory. In November, I broke the 100-item barrier, and I hope to get up to 200 before the end of next year. To do that, I will probably need to add a third shopping day into my schedule, maybe just two weeks out of each month (and keep the other weeks at two shopping days).
  • Attempt sourcing at the Goodwill Outlet:Are you all as inspired by Maxine as I am? She is consistently pulling in over $2,000 in sales per week. Per week!! She buys almost all of her inventory at a Goodwill Outlet, where clothes are priced by the pound. (I think it works out to be less than $1 per pound, usually.) There’s one about 25 minutes from me, but I’ve never ventured inside. Many of the reviews online are less than flattering, with lots of talk of broken glass and unattended children. However, if I can find inventory for pennies, it would be worth the less-than-pleasant atmosphere. (And I’ll be sure to wear gloves!) I’m going to try at least three times, to make sure I give it a fair chance.
  • Average $900/mo in student loan payments:That’s what it’ll take to become debt-free. And I want nothing more than to be out of debt by 2016.
  • Send one box of products into Amazon FBA:As much as I love selling on eBay (and I do!), I’ve been hearing the siren call of Amazon FBA lately. The idea of just boxing up all my inventory in one big shipment and letting the Amazon Fairies store and ship it for me sounds just magical. I’ve been really enjoying reading Yolanda’s writings on her FBA endeavors. She also is a “part time” reseller and a mom, so she makes success seem much more attainable than someone who can devote their entire life to their business.


How about y’all? Any big goals you’re reaching for in 2015? I’d love to hear them!


11 thoughts on “Goals for 2015

  1. Erica, these are wonderful goals. That would be great to retire your student loans! I am inspired by what you have accomplished, and of course, am inspired by Yolanda and Maxine too. You young women have such drive in all of this! You all go after this in such a business-like and professional way too. I think my goal would be to list 25 clothing items on eBay. I want to start small and gain some confidence in this!


    • Thank you so much for the kind words! You are the one who first introduced me to Maxine’s blog, so I owe you a “thanks!” 25 items is a great goal! I think it’s really smart to start small to avoid getting in over your head and overwhelmed. Good luck!


  2. Those are great goals. I have not thought about next years goals yet but you’ve inspired me to get planning. My goal last year was to take my store from 500 to 1000 items in inventory. I’ve made it as far as 950 and I’m having trouble getting past that because of selling as much as I’m listing. I expect after Christmas things will slow down and I’ll be able to push past 950. For now I’ll consider my goal reached 🙂 I too would like to try visiting a Goodwill Outlet. Mine is an hour away.


    • Way to go! And I think your problem is a great one to have. 🙂 Please let me know how your GWO trip goes. I’m planning to blog about my trip/trips once I nail down a date to do it.


  3. Awesome goals! The GWO we have here is over an hour away. I ventured in once and it was quite a zoo! If we had one closer I wouldn’t be able to resist, zoo or not! My main goal for 2015 is to hit 500 listings. I am currently at just over 200. I remember being stuck at 190 for what seemed like forever. You list, stuff sells. It’s an uphill (but awesome!) battle. 🙂


  4. Nice goals Erica. I’ve recently signed up for Amazon FBA. I do quite a bit of selling on Amazon Merchant Fullfilled, so I’m kind of excited about the FBA. I’d also like to get my listings up..maybe to 500…I’m at about 214 now. I think 1000 is quite a stretch. LOL And I’m about $1600 from paying off my school loan and could do so now, but the first quarter is kind of slow for my studio, so I’d like to leave some extra $ in reserves to pay my studio rent. But it’s killing me. I keep struggling whether or not to just do it and then if I need to go crazy with Ebay to build up a little cash reserves. I’ve been debating it for the last couple of days. This will be the last of our personal debt and then I have some business debt to deal with, but It’d be so great to be done with all the personal debt before the new year. I don’t know..I still have a couple of weeks to think about it.


  5. I source almost exclusively at Goodwill Outlet because the prices are really hard to beat! Mine does a flat $.89 a pound for most things, $1.49 a pound for shoes, and $.25 and $.50 for paperback and hardcover books respectively. Definitely wear gloves, definitely dig through the whole bin, and don’t be too intimidated! I see a lot of resellers there, but also a lot of people buying for themselves, and lots of parents buying for their families. Your plan of going 3 different times is a great idea. I find there’s a huge fluctuation in the number and types of people based on the time of day and day of the week. My favorite time to go to GWO is Friday afternoons–that’s the least crowded time I’ve found on a regular basis. Lunch hour between noon and 1 seems to be the busiest.


  6. Just curious if you’ve seen/heard anything from Maxine? She hasn’t posted in a while & last I saw she was sick. I posted a comment several days ago, but as of today it hasn’t shown up. Just curious. YOU are a great inspiration as well 🙂


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