Monthly Recap – December 2014

Hello and Happy New Year!

Several of the online selling bloggers I follow do monthly recap posts, and I’ve been wanting to start doing them myself, for a couple reasons. One, because I want to be transparent about my numbers for anyone out there wondering how much I make each month, and two, because I want to make sure I actually look at the numbers myself! It’s easy for me to go from one month to the next without really analyzing how the last month went. Hopefully these posts with stop that!

So, without further ado, here are my numbers for December 2014:

Number of items sold: 31

Average selling price: $31.41

Total Profit: $701.04

dec 2014 p & l

Are there any other numbers you’d like to see? Let me know!


27 thoughts on “Monthly Recap – December 2014

    • Thank you! I started out using the free version of Outright/GoDaddy Bookkeeping, although they’ve just discontinued their free service. I believe they have a $10/month plan, though. However, the screenshot above is from I’m planning on posting a review of the product later this month, so stay tuned! 🙂


  1. It’s very nice to see your monthly numbers. I hope you will continue doing this. Thank you! I hope your business does very well in 2015!


  2. Woo hoo!! You are on a roll. Your student loan debt will be gone before you know it. Also, I really enjoy seeing your numbers. I wish I could show this to buyers who think that all eBay sellers are overcharging for shipping. Your numbers paint a very real picture: shipping is expensive! Add to that the fact that eBay takes 10% of your shipping credits and you can see that you actually charged close to the exact amount for shipping your items.


    • Thank you! There definitely are some people who overcharge for shipping, but I think most sellers charge a reasonable amount. I charge the retail price of shipping, and the difference between what I charge and my actual cost is the discount that eBay gives sellers for buying postage online.


  3. The monthly recap is great, very helpful to see the numbers! I follow you on Instagram as well – your blog/Instagram has been extremely helpful for me. I have a couple of questions for you so thought it would be easier to ask them via your blog:
    – What do you do if a buyer doesn’t leave feedback? My first three items that I sold have been delivered, I left feedback for the buyers, and have yet to receive feedback from any of them?! Not sure why, transactions were good as far as I can tell.
    – For someone getting started, would you recommend doing an auction format or a fixed price with Buy It Now?
    – When you started, how many items for sale would you say was your average initially?
    Thanks so much!


    • Hello! Thanks for the kind words–I’m glad I’ve been helpful!

      If a buyer doesn’t leave feedback, I do nothing. I leave feedback for them after they pay, but I don’t contact them in any way regarding their leaving feedback for me. I know it’s frustrating as a seller, but I think it’s just one of those unspoken etiquette rules of eBay. I promise that you’ll get feedback as you continue to sell! To put it in perspective, I have just under 500 sales and 267 pieces of feedback left for me as a seller. (My feedback score is currently 312, but that includes feedback left for me as a buyer.) I have seen sellers include a little note in the package along the lines of “I hope you enjoy your new purchase. If you feel I deserve anything less than 5 stars, please contact me directly so I can make it right. If you feel I have earned those stars, I would be grateful for you to take the time to leave positive feedback for me.” But that’s as far as I would go in terms of asking for feedback.

      I hovered around 30 items in my store for several months, if I’m remembering correctly. I think that’s when I started seeing somewhat consistent sales. (Around 4 or 5 sales a week.)


  4. Hi ~ I think I’ve told you before but want to tell you again how much of an inspiration you are!!! Just curious what other blogs you follow. I follow Maxine but don’t know of a lot of others.


  5. You’re doing great. How many items do you have in your store?

    I’m pushing to get up over 500 as soon as possible while also increasing my average sale (aren’t we all?). You’re average sale is higher than mine but you also add on the shipping. I generally build the shipping into my items price. I like getting a bonus if I’m going to have to ship it oversees (non-GSP). I also like the visual cue in eBay searches, but I don’t know what’s the best option.

    I think I’m just beginning to be more selective of what I’m listing and really forcing the issue of “stop listing cheap junk unless it’s really easy.” “easy” is such a gray area though!


    • Hi Chris! Thanks for the comment.

      Right now I have 117 items listed. I’m working my way up to 200–this is the most I’ve ever had listed. (My eBay ID is tennise06, if you want to take a peek at my store.)

      My biggest reason for using non-free shipping (there’s gotta be a better term for that!) is so that I don’t have to think about shipping costs on my Best Offer items. If I have an item that’s been sitting around forever and I start taking offers on it, depending on the item, I might take a really low price. (I’m thinking about a tank top I’ve had for close to a year that I just sold for $10 a couple days ago.) I worry that I’ll forget to factor in shipping in a case like that, and that I’ll end up making almost no money on the item. That’s just my preference, though! More often than not, I see people saying that there’s an advantage to using free shipping.

      I see what you’re saying about the bonus on int’l orders, though. There usually does end up being about a $10 difference in the price that int’l buyers pay and what I pay to ship it (with the ebay discount). So you would still get a little bit!

      I too have recently started being more selective about what I buy. I’ve noticed that I have to be really careful about judging items strictly based on the eBay value, not how much I like the item. There are a few brands that I really like, but don’t make enough on eBay–they’re just not worth my time!


  6. found your blog through another blog and was reading old posts – are you in the Nashville area – I see you talk about Green Hills Mall. I’m in Mt Juliet!! I’d love to chat via email or FB and get to know another local ebayer/thriftier.


  7. What ” are brands you like but not worth your time” because they are not “eBay value”? I see anthro and E. Fisher do well for you but what doesn’t?


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