BOLO — Madewell

Hello! Before I get into today’s post, I wanted to update everyone on a recent development.

Straight out of the could-only-happen-in-the-digital-age files, the owner of a local consignment store contacted me over Instagram, asking if I’d be interested in taking pictures of items she wants to list on eBay. I thought this would be a great opportunity to hone my photography skills and to make a little extra cash, so I gladly accepted! I’ll be saving most of what I make to help pay for a trip to New Orleans for a friend’s wedding later this year. (Fun fact: We honeymooned in NOLA, so I’m thrilled to go back!) Anyway, all that Instagramming has not been a waste of time!

I photographed a whopping 80+ items this week, which has taken a lot of my blogging time. However, I think I’ve really streamlined the process, so I should be able to finish my next batch much more quickly.

Okay, so back to the BOLO!

Have you all ever heard of Madewell? Nashville just got a store late last year, but I’ve been finding Madewell pieces fairly often over the past year and a half. They don’t make a gigantic profit, but for me, they’ve been reliable sellers, and I make enough of a profit for Madewell to fall under my “always buy” list, provided whatever piece I’m considering is in good condition and is fairly current.

Madewell was founded during the Depression Era and lasted for several decades before closing down. J.Crew bought the company in 2006, and re-introduced it as a “a modern-day interpretation of an American denim label founded in 1937” (from Wikipedia). The whole story of Madewell and its acquisition is pretty interesting and rather sordid, if you have time to read about it–found here.

Among other things, Madewell carries lots of denim. A search for completed listings for “Madewell skinny jeans” shows prices from the mid-$20s all the way up over $80.

madewell completeds

Like Anthropologie, Madewell carries several in-house labels, so not everything from the store has a tag that says “Madewell”. If you don’t know those labels, you’ll likely pass up items that could make you money! Below are a few of the most common Madewell labels.

Broadway & Broome

broadway and broome label


wallace label


eliot label


hi line label

  • Hi-Line tends to be on the cheaper side, so it generally doesn’t sell on eBay as well as the other labels. I would be careful about checking completed listings if you find a Hi-Line item.

Keep your eyes out for Madewell next time you’re thrifting!


10 thoughts on “BOLO — Madewell

  1. C’mon! They’re not even using the same font! I’m in over my head when it comes to ladies’ clothes. They’re just crazy.

    Is the side hustle of photographing making you less happy about taking pictures of your own stuff at all?


    • Haha! I know… it’s a little confusing. But the only stores that I can think of that use “in-house” labels are Anthropologie and Madewell, so once you’ve got those covered, you’re golden.

      Photographing for the consignment store has actually made taking my own pictures easier. I’m way more efficient in how I go about the whole process. So, it’s been a good thing for my own ebay selling. It *has* inspired a little bit of envy though–haha. I’m photographing so much St. John and other high end items that aren’t mine! 🙂


      • LOL! I think I passed over a St. John shirt because I assumed it was a St. John’s Bay. Doh.

        Glad you’re getting better with the photo taking. Streamlining each step is so important so you don’t go crazy!


      • Hi Erica,
        I think urban outfitters is another store that carries other brands. They are also a sister store to Anthropology. I recently started thrifting and flipping on ebay. Thanks for all your posts. It’s very thoughtful and helpful.


  2. I love your blog! Kind of a random question, but do you notice that your listings get a particular number of views before an item sells or does it vary for every item? Thanks!


    • Hello, and thanks!

      It really is just totally random. Somethings things sell a few seconds after I list them, with likely only one view, and other times an item will have hundreds of view and 20+ watchers, and it’ll just sit there for months!


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