Monthly Recap — February 2015

Hello, hello! I’m popping in quickly before hitting the sack to post my numbers from February!

Overall, it was a solid month, despite having an incredibly s-l-o-w week in the second half. My profit is down a little bit from last month, but $700+ in profit is nothing to sneeze at, I’d say!

Also, since it usually comes up: I use the Easy Auctions Tracker Spreadsheet for bookkeeping. (Affiliate link alert!) You can read my review of it here.

Number of items sold:  48 (down 2 from last month)

Average selling price: $22.52 (down $4.32 from last month)

Total profit: $711.37 (down $160.94 from last month)

feb 2015 p&l

My biggest sale of the month was this little Anthropologie top. I paid $7.99 for it, as it was mistakenly in the dress section. (Tops are supposed to cost $4.49, but I knew I’d still turn a decent profit on it. Batting my eyelashes and asking nicely for a price adjustment didn’t work.)

biggest feb 2015 sale

I debated keeping this top for myself, but I decided I’d list it high and if it didn’t sell by spring, I’d end the listing and put it in my closet. Wouldn’t you know, it sold within 24 hours!

 How was February for you? Any big sales to report? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Monthly Recap — February 2015

  1. Hi Erica! I sold about 10 of my vintage toy items last month, so I am getting back to eBay. The question I have is this–When I go to Paypal, I see that they take a percentage of sales. Then, I see that eBay takes their share. Do the eBay fees include Paypal or is that separate? I can’t find the answer to this anywhere! I see that other sellers sometimes include the Paypal fees in their end-of-month stats, but I don’t see that on yours. It looks like you had another great month!


    • Hi Isabella! You must be an early riser like me! I often get your comments just after breakfast. 🙂

      I’m glad to hear that you’re getting back into eBay and that your finding buyers for your toys. I’m sure it makes someone’s day to get an old toy they’ve been searching forever for.

      You are right–Paypal and eBay fees are separate. My Paypal fees are the fifth line under “expenses”. eBay takes 10% (top rated sellers get a little discount) and Paypal takes $0.30 + 2.9%

      Thanks for the comment–have a great day!


  2. My month was similar to yours.Nothing crazy high but still some good numbers. You’re still selling more than me though. 🙂

    I did have 2 weeks where I sold almost nothing. 5 items between eBay and Amazon. Unbelievable! That was a big bummer. Then it picked up with a lot in the last week of Feb. Guess I just have to look at the bigger picture, not just the most recent week. A smaller store doesn’t lend itself well to really consistent sales.


    • Those slow weeks seem to drag on forever though! I saw your post–we definitely have similar numbers! I’m behind on my goal of $1,000 in profit a month. Hopefully we’ll both figure out how to get up to where we want to be soon!


  3. hi again! I keep buying things that I can keep if they don’t sell too 🙂 the best thing I sold I actually bought 2 years ago. It was a brass deer head like the taxidermy kind I bought for $5 because I always buy good priced vintage brass animals. it sold for $145!!! that is crazy.


  4. Ebay has been hopping for me. Considering how little I’ve been listing. I bought a vintage long red wool coat for myself in February for $13.99. It was absolutely gorgeous, but a bit fancy for me and it hang in my closet for a couple of months and then I decided to maybe sell it. I put it up for $129 or BO and it sold a couple of hours later for full price. Love that!


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