Super Quick Time-saving Tip

I’m always looking for ways to cross through my eBay to-do list more quickly. Working on listings takes longer than I’d like, but here’s one thing I do to make the process take a little less time.

Super Quick

Bookmark the text that goes in every listing, so that you can copy and paste it when creating listings.

In every one of my listings, I include measurements and a little blurb about being open to buyer questions: (see below in pink boxes)

scripted text

Obviously, which measurements I include is determined by the type of garment. A tank top generally won’t have a hip measurement, for example.

I used Google Docs to write out this text, and then I bookmarked it on my web browser’s toolbar.

bookmarked template

When I’m listing, all I have to do is keep that tab open, and copy and paste that scripted text into each listing. If I need to tweak something (like including the “hip” measurement or taking out the “sleeve length” measurement) I’ll do so in the listing, keeping the Google Doc unchanged.

There you go–a simple tip that helps cut down on the amount of time it takes to list an item on eBay.

What are your favorite time-saving eBay tips?


8 thoughts on “Super Quick Time-saving Tip

  1. I create a new folder per month for photos instead of the one big folder I used to use. The original listing date is then helpful to figure out what file the photos are in for deletion when something sells and frees up just a little more hard drive space. 🙂 Although I don’t know if that’s a time saving tip or not but it beats scrolling through thousands of photos when uploading.


    • Oh, that is so smart! It really does take forever to scroll all the way down to the bottom of my huge picture folder when I’m looking for my most recent photos to upload. Thanks for the tip!


  2. Nice! I have a notepad .txt file with very similar info as yours. I pin them to my task bar (one for shirts and one for pants). It makes it much easier! Listing a bunch of shirts is a breeze when you’re mostly doing copy paste!


  3. I set up a template with ebay so I can just select say “Top”. It’s basically like copying and pasting but ebay does it with one click. I got so sick of trying to remember where I had saved my blurbs.


  4. Off topic but I’m having some problems after a month of selling. I’ve sold 14 items but am no longer able to sell as I’m getting a limit restriction for another 30 days from the day I initially hit my limit. Is there any way I can get around this? Is this something you encountered when first selling?


    • Hi Tiffany! This is a really common concern. I would suggest calling eBay to ask for your selling limits to be raised. I’ve heard that they will often do that, if you haven’t had any issues with buyers so far. I actually set up my eBay account back in 2004, before they started the selling limit policy. So, even though I didn’t start selling seriously until about 18 months ago, I didn’t have to deal with the limits. Give them a call to see what they can do, and if you can’t get your limits raised, spend the time you must wait by researching what to buy, how to optimize your listings, how to improve search result rankings, etc. But hopefully you can get that limit raised sooner rather than later. Let me know what they say!


  5. When I am listing a new item I always “sell as similar” one of my items, whatever I have currently listed that is most similar to the new item. That way if I am selling a long-sleeve button-up women’s shirt (for example), a lot of the details I would include are already there, and I just substitute in the new specifics and measurements. That way my little policy blurb is also already there. It works well for me.

    As far as photo folders go, I have my pending items in a to-be-listed folder, and after they are listed I move them to an already-listed folder. This limits the number of photos I have to scroll through, and also motivates me to list items I am procrastinating because I get tired of having to scroll past the photos again and again. 🙂


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