I’ve Decided To Cheat On Ebay

I’ve been asked before if I sell on any platforms other than eBay. The answer had been no, until yesterday. For the first time in over two weeks, the girls’ naps overlapped by about an hour, so I went crazy and set up an Instagram shop. Rather than sell all different brands, like I do on eBay, I decided to get really niche-specific and only list my Anthropolgie items there. I’m a little skeptical about how well I can do selling on IG, but I’m going to give it at least a month to see how many sales I can make.

Follow along at www.instagram.com/repologie.

ig shop for blog

I’m planning to give weekly updates here on the blog.

Do any of you sell on Instagram, Poshmark, Facebook, Bonanza, Twitter, Craigslist, or wherever all the cool kids are these days?


7 thoughts on “I’ve Decided To Cheat On Ebay

  1. I have sold quite a few items on craigslist, mostly furniture and housewares that didn’t fit when we downsized to a smaller home. If it is priced right, it will usually go fast! I have also listed a few things on craigslist that I found at garage sales but were too much of a hassle to ship on eBay. I think it’s great that you are trying different venues for your selling.


  2. We sell quite a bit of stuff on CL and Amazon. I also have recently started selling on Bonanza. I think it’s smart to sell on different platforms. Different things do better on different platforms. But it’s important to keep track where things sell if they overlap between platforms. I have made the mistake of selling something both on Ebay and Amazon, selling the item on Amazon and forgetting to take it off Ebay and then having it sell again and cancelling the transaction. Oops! LOL


  3. I do merchant fulfilling on Amazon. It’s just so easy to list. I didn’t realize that Instagram has it’s own store! It’d be great for you to cross list if possible too!

    I’m also on the bonanza fence. They let you import for free and have no listing fees… so there’s really nothing to lose by trying it out.


  4. I actually have an IG shop (@andyeahshop) and I sell in poshmark (@valenciasusy) but I love selling on Instagram since it’s easy to sell and easy to get money. I really love your blog btw. Good thing I googled light boxes for mannequin.


  5. I sell a lot on facebook. Usually items we no longer are using or clothes my daughter has outgrown. It works for me and I have earned some extra money doing it 🙂


  6. I have tried listing things on Depop its an iphone & android app that is similar to Instagram. I like it more than even attempting to sell on Instagram because I go through my spells where I never log onto IG & I am afraid I would miss questions, etc. Depop has alot of Youtube style vloggers that sell there also. You should check it out. My first week I sold 5 items to one person. Its been slow lately just because I have not put much attention into it. Its worth a try, the platform is just like IG.


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