BOLO — Sky

File this brand under Not My Style But I’ll Gladly Take Your Money If It’s Your Style.

I know that I passed up several pieces of Sky clothing in my first year of thrifting for profit. To me, they looked like cheaply made clothes for people who stay up way later at night than I do. (I am very much a grandma at heart though, so take that last statement with a grain of salt.) They’re usually solid (sometimes patterned) stretchy tops or dresses, often with dramatic embellishments at the bust to show off one’s–ahem–best assets.

I still stand by the brand not being to my taste, but I was way off on the price point of these pieces. Clicking around on the website (don’t click if you have delicate sensibilities… or any sensibilities, really) you’ll see tops in the $90 to nearly $300 range, and dresses up to the mid $400s. And, honestly, upon closer inspection, they’re pretty well made. (The consignment store that I’m doing photography for has sold several of these pieces, so I’ve come into contact with them quite a bit over the last few weeks.)

Recently completed listings for pre-owned Sky clothing show that even used items from this label can bring in a lot of money:

sky completed

I just listed my first thrifted Sky top this morning for $35. I’m hoping for a quick flip on this one!

Important tip: The labels just say “Sky” but it seems like they’re almost always listed on eBay as “Sky Brand” so, I’d start your listing titles for these items with “Sky Brand.”

Here’s a picture of the label you’ll want to keep an eye out for when you’re out thrifting:


Have any of you sold Sky clothing before? Do you tend to thrift items you’d wear yourself, or do you branch out more?


10 thoughts on “BOLO — Sky

  1. Haha! Love this post..definitely not my style either, but I will for sure be purchasing this brand when I see it from now on. Thanks!!!


    • I am! I think the increased brand knowledge is probably more valuable than what I’m being paid for the photos. It’ll stay with me as long as I’m doing this thrifting thing!


    • These clothes reminded me of what my brother told me a long time ago. He used to say that girls that dress like that are okay for a one night stand, but not for a wife. LOL


  2. Hey Erica!

    Thanks for posting this blog, and keeping it updated. I’m also in the process of paying off my school loans, and felt a little silly for wanting to do it by thrifting. But, I’ve found a huge community online of people who are doing the same thing.

    Right now, I’m working on making a sort of “look book” with current labels based on what’s selling on ThredUp and Threadflip. I get so frustrated when I’m thrifting, and I don’t know if the age of the item I’m looking at. So, I’m going through resale sites and taking screenshots of what the labels look like

    Is this something that would be helpful to you too? I wouldn’t mind sharing!

    Thanks, Lydia


    • Lydia– Thanks so much for reading and commenting with your kind words!

      It’s not silly at all to want to pay off your loans by thrifting. I think it’s an ingenuous way of doing so!

      And yes, your idea sounds great! I would love to see what you’re working on! I’m guessing it would be something like the Anthro labels resource that I love, but with all sorts of brands?

      Thanks again for the comment, and best of luck to you! Do you have a blog? If so, I’d love to follow along!


  3. I”m still keeping an eye out for this brand and a few others you’ve mentioned. No luck yet. Did your sales pick up since this post?


    • Hi Tiana! Thanks so much for the comment!

      They have picked up a bit, but they’re still spotty–some days will be great, then I’ll go a few days with little to no sales, and so on. I should have my March income report up later today or tomorrow at the latest. It was my worst month of the year, but still in the “decent” range, I’d say.


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