BOLO — Peruvian Connection

Here’s another brand I hadn’t heard of until I started thrifting for eBay: Peruvian Connection.

The company was started by a mother/daughter duo, with a really interesting back story. The daughter, while a student at Yale, did anthropological studies in Peru. She fell in love with the clothing sold in the markets where she was studying, which inspired her to start her own clothing line back in the US, using native Andean fibers. The company also purports to care about the workers they partner with in South America, which is always a plus.

The company is best known for their sweaters (retail from $99-500+), but they also carry dresses ($50-200+), shirts, pants, skirts, outerwear, etc.

I recently sold this dress for $29.99 + shipping:

peruvian connection dress bolo

Completed listings for the brand are a bit of a mixed bag, with more elaborate designs selling for more than simpler ones:

peruvian connection recents

peruvian connection high

This isn’t a brand on my “Always Buy” list, but if I can find something from the brand in great shape and a more elaborate design, I’ll definitely take it home.

The labels have changed over the years, but they generally looks something like this:

peruvian connection tag

Happy hunting!


5 thoughts on “BOLO — Peruvian Connection

  1. I’ve heard of this brand but no luck finding them yet. Congrats on your sale, and a well written BOLO!


  2. First time visiting your blog. I love thrifting for myself but haven’t done it to make a profit other than reselling some textbooks I’ve stumbled upon. Peruvian Connection is one of my favorite brands. Well, I don’t actually own anything from it, but I virtual window shop and pin like crazy. I’m always hoping to stumble across some at a thrift store but no luck yet.


    • Thanks for the comment, Mandi! That’s not a label I come across often (maybe twice a year?) but their knits are just heavenly! (Also, not to be a creeper, but I totally “know” you… I’m in the Cathso/Cathso Mom’s group and followed your old blog. 🙂 )


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