Luxury Sourcing

In general, sourcing for my eBay store is anything but glamorous. It usually involves dusty thrift stores, questionable smells, and longs waits at the check-out line. While I really do love what I do, it’s not exactly for the faint of heart.

However, I’ve recently started what I believe will be a regular (albeit infrequent) shopping trip that’s quite the change of pace: sourcing at my local Anthropologie.

About once a month, I’ll take a “night off” from my mom duties. That usually means I leave right after my husband gets home from work, go to the gym, take a wonderfully uninterrupted shower, drive into town, get dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, and do some window shopping before meeting girlfriends for coffee.

Said window shopping now always involves the Anthropologie sale room. Last night, I picked up this adorable cardigan (retailed at $118) and this cool tunic (retailed at $68) for $9.95 each!

photo 3

I’ve already listed the cardigan, and I’m probably keeping the tunic.

The secret for shopping the sale room is to look for lonely items. When there’s just one of an item (like there was of the sweater and tunic), it very likely means it was a return after the store stopped carrying the item. In those situations, Anthropologie slashes the price down below ten bucks.

I also fell in love with this (unfortunately $148) dress:

photo 1

Does Anthropologie know how to make a dress or what? I’m definitely stalking the website for this pretty to come down to a reasonable price.

Do any of you live near an Anthropologie? Do you love the sale room as much as I do? Any other retail spots with great sales? I’d love to hear about it!


13 thoughts on “Luxury Sourcing

  1. Super cute clothes. I googled Anthropologie and I live 10 minutes away from one and didn’t even know it was there! LOL maybe on my weekend I’ll drop by


  2. Ahhh, I had no clue the store returns could go SO cheap! I live just a few minutes away from one, and might have to pop in tonight 🙂
    PS – I just found your blog and I love it! I do the same thing, so it’s awesome to hear about new brands and selling tips. Sending lots of “good sale” vibes your way!


  3. Awesome finds! I’ve never though of trying to source from there, I’ll have to give it a try. I loved looking though your blog, a lot of great tips and information. Keep up the great work! 🙂


  4. LOL. I’m scared enough to stop into a Plato’s Closet let alone a store like this. Whenever I went to the big mall where we used to live that had a Neiman Marcus, I just felt gross. So much waste in there. But I’m all for re-selling it. At least it’s going to someone who wants it and puts in some work to find it vs. someone just walking through the store.


  5. the dress looks really cute on you! I have 2 stores nearby, and I always check the sale area but things have always been more than I wanted until recently. I found a shirt for $17 that I had been drooling over online but in a size s :/ tried it on at home and it fit! I’ve had a lucky streak at my local good will… DVF, tibi, Nanette Lepore oh my!!


  6. I went to the sale room for sourcing on Saturday and found some unique candle holders regularly $28 for $1.95 a piece 🙂 love anthropologie 🙂


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