Monthly Recap — April 2015

Here are the numbers for April! I think the maddeningly slow season is behind me, knock on wood. April was the second best month so far this year, and I’m hoping it’s up, up, up from here!

One reason for the increase in sales, I think, is due to the better inventory I’ve been able to find. In general, I had been sticking to the same three thrift store around me, mainly because of time restraints. However, since my husband’s work load has decreased a bit (and should remain that way for at least a couple months) I’ve been venturing out farther to new thrift stores and clearing them out of all their good stuff. ūüôā On my last trip, I came home with 14 items, several of which sold within a day of listing. Prior to shopping at these new stores, I would usually leave with only 4-5 items, so it’s been great to find so many¬†profitable items.

Number of items sold: 45 (up 3 from last month)

Average selling price: $28.24*

Total profit: $754.88 (up $207.91 from last month)

And, because I’m always asked, I use Easy Auctions Tracker to keep up with all my sales.

*I’m not comparing this month’s average sale price to last months, because I realized I’d been using the “sales” number instead of the “total income” number in my calculation. It makes more since to use the latter, so that’s what I’ll be doing from here on out.


5 thoughts on “Monthly Recap — April 2015

  1. Fantastic numbers! I’m glad you were able to visit additional stores. Now with the extra time for next month imagine how high your sales should go!


  2. I do exactly what you do but make a min. Of $3000 a month. Just a tip but you might want to checkout Goodwill outlet stores. They charge by the pound and you can get a shopping cart full of clothes for $40.


    • Thank you for the comment! I know, I’ve got to go check out the GWO. There’s one about 25 min from me. I’ve decided I’m going to give it a go once my girls start preschool in the fall. The time I have to source is pretty limited at this point, so I generally just stick to the stores a few minutes from me. I would love to get up to $3K per month, though!


      • I started off just like you. And it’s hard with LO’s. I have a 3.5 & 1.5 year old but my hubby is a teacher so he’s off early and home all summer.

        One more thing, I also hit up Nordstrom Rack every holiday weekend because they do an additional 25% off clearance, and I put it all on my Mod (Nordstrom Debit) Card. So, I end up spending a $1000 (high end merchandise), get to write off the expense and I use a triple points day end up getting $300 in free Nordstrom Notes to spend on me or my girls:)


      • Thanks so much! A Nordstrom Rack just opened within the last year or so fairly close to me. I haven’t checked it out yet, but that’s great to hear that you’ve been able to source from there! (And get free money to spend on you and your girls!)


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