When I’m out at the thrift store looking for clothing to flip on eBay, I’m generally looking for items that are 1) in great condition, 2) somewhat current styles, and 3) generally retail at the mid-range to high-end price point. Some of my favorite brands that fall into all three categories are Anthropologie, Eileen Fisher, Theory, Lilly Pulitzer, and St. John. However, I’ve recently started picking up a label that adds a fourth criteria: scarcity.

CAbi clothing is priced in what I would consider mid-range (low $100’s for dresses, $70-90ish for tops), stays “on trend” with their styles, and generally doesn’t wear out too quickly. However, this brand cannot be purchased in retail stores or directly through their website. You must either contact a sales consultant and buy directly from her or attend a “show”.

If you’re a busy woman, this is going to be a hassle. Wouldn’t it be much easier to just find a CAbi item you like on eBay and purchase it there? Methinks yes. So do several of my recent buyers.

In the last month, about $120 of my income has been from CAbi:

my recent cabi sales

Recently sold listings for CAbi on eBay are a bit of a mixed bag:

cabi recently sold

Like many clothing brands, the larger sizes sell better for me than the smaller ones, and generally more interesting “statement pieces” sell better than basic, everyday items.

Here’s the label you’ll want to keep an eye out for when you’re thrifting:

cabi tag

Happy flipping!


9 thoughts on “BOLO — CAbi

  1. Love CAbi – in fact that’s my Tie Front Tunic you used. I also sold a NWT CAbi sleeveless shirt the other day as well. I find the brand does sell well if you find in good condition.


  2. Love these tips. I’ll look at women’s clothing at garage sales (I tell them it’s for my wife), so I’ll definitely keep an eye out. I’ve sold Lilly Pulitzer and Eileen Fisher before, so having another one to look out for is really helpful!


  3. I had no idea until I looked up a shirt I bought for $1 at a yard sale and sold it within 24 hours for about $30 or more (it was 18 months ago). I had no idea it wasn’t a brick and mortar store, though!


  4. I had never heard of a clothing line that does business like this. Thanks so much for the heads up!


  5. thanks for the tip! I picked some up! another brand I discovered was Tracy Porter… I listed a sweater for $35 and it sold the same day! Another brand to add to the list 🙂


  6. I had good luck reselling a Cabi jacket, possibly one other Cabi item. Can’t remember now. . . . Then I picked up a Cabi dress in XS. No luck. Apparently everyone else in the world is trying to sell the same style. Oh well!


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