Monthly Recaps — May 2015

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May was good to me! I was about four dimes shy of $1,300 in sales, which is the best I’ve done since January of this year. My inventory is now as high as it’s ever been at 139 active listings this morning. I attribute the increase in sales (and inventory) to adding about an extra hour of thrifting time each week, and going out to stores farther away from me that I hadn’t visited before.

Number of items sold: 42 (down 3 from last month)

Average selling price: $35.63 (up $10.39 from last month)

Total profit: $848.37 (up $93.41 from last month)

Another note before I post the numbers: I’ve been highlighting the “good news” above in green and the “bad news” in red. You’ll notice that all three are in green, even though I sold fewer items this month than last. However, my average sale price has gone up enough to more than make up for that specific deficit. Basically, I did less work but made more money this month than last month–works for me!

may 2015 p&l

My best sale was this new with tags plus-sized skirt from the brand Stizzoli. I paid $4.49 for it, and it sold for $99.99. It was listed as free shipping, but since it sold to someone in Canada, the buyer paid shipping.

may 2015 best sale

I hope you all had great months as well! If you do monthly income recaps on your blog, I’d love for you to post a link in the comments section!


6 thoughts on “Monthly Recaps — May 2015

  1. Just did mine today! Near identical numbers to you this month. May was great. I tried a sale but I don’t like how it went down. I don’t think it got me that much more traffic but who knows. I’m just going to keep my regular numbers and keep listing. You’re doing awesome for only having that many items in your store. I’m twice as many with similar sales. I’ve found that it is diminishing returns with clothes but that comes with increased consistency. I’m going to try to get to 500 items and then just maintain unless something else changes in my life!


    • Thanks so much for the comment! I think my tiny closet is likely going to be what decides the upper limit on my inventory. There’s not all that much space left! Clicking over to your post now–thanks for leaving a link!


    • Thank you!! No, I helped them get through their backlog of clothing, but they’ve taken over for themselves again. It was great to learn about some new brands and make some extra cash, but I’m glad to have my time back!


  2. Hi, I just clicked over b/c you kindly commented on my blog and I didn’t recognize you. OH my gosh I do this too!!! . . . It all started when I found a coat from Hatch maternity boutique for $3 and sold it for $50. Then there were the snakeskin Manolo Blahniks I found for $5. So addictive. It’s my favorite hobby, though the level I’m doing it at is small potatoes comparatively. I’m totally following and I’m going to be furiously reading your archives.


    • Hello! Your blog is a favorite of mine! I’ve been reading for quite a while (Style and the SAHM hooked me!), but I think my phone eats my comments 75% of the time. And I’m not usually logged in to my blog when I comment. Anyway, there have been so many times that I’ve read your blog and thought, “We are the SAME person.” My focus here is very narrow, but I’m also a stay-at-home Catholic mom of two girls who appreciates Boden and good books… and dabbles in eBay. (I’m also pretty sure we wear the same style of Loft jeans.) Congrats again on your great news!!

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