Authenticate First Review

(This is not a sponsored post, FYI!)

It’s no secret that high-end clothing and accessories can bring in big bucks on eBay. While my “bread and butter” brands are usually mid-range in price (Anthropologie, Eileen Fisher, Lilly Pulitzer, etc) every now and then, I come across something from a more pricey store.

I recently found a Diane von Furstenberg dress at a local Goodwill and was thrilled at the profit potential after checking completed listings.


However, after taking it home and examining it further, something seemed just a little… off… about it. The seams were a bit wonky in places, and the fabric didn’t feel quite as luxurious as I would expect from a several hundred dollar dress. Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with designer clothing, you run the risk of coming across fakes. You do not (DO NOT!) want to sell fake clothing, shoes, accessories (or anything) on eBay. It’s one of the easiest ways to get kicked off eBay, and whether or not you knew the item was fake doesn’t necessarily matter.

I spent time reading over DVF authentication guides on eBay (this one in particular) but I still wasn’t 100% certain whether it was real or fake, so I decided to ask the experts.

I contacted Authenticate First on May 18th, paid $25, and submitted several photos of the dress through Google Drive. I actually had an issue getting the photos to them, but the person handling my case was very understanding and helpful. Two days later, they emailed back to me a Certificate of Non-Authenticity, confirming my suspicions that the dress was fake. They cited uneven seams, poor finishing, and incorrect font on the label as reasons why they deemed it so.

Here are a few reasons I recommend using Authenticate First:

  • quick turnaround
  • good customer service
  • an extensive list of brands they authenticate
  • the ability to use their statements in Paypal disputes
  • reasonable service fee

It was a little disheartening to know that the dress was worthless, but I was so relieved to have found out before listing the dress, and not after selling it and having a buyer open a case against me. That would have been way worse than being out $25.

Have any of you had to deal with fake items, either as a buyer or seller? I’d love to hear about it!


14 thoughts on “Authenticate First Review

  1. Hi Erica,
    Great article for me to read today. I too recently found a Diane von Furstenberg dress, a beautiful silk leopard print dress that retails for $365! I am quite sure mine is authentic from research, the feel, the look, and how the dress is made. But, as I get more into Ebay reselling, Authenticate First might be worth checking out. Thanks!


  2. thats a great resource I haven’t heard of! Thanks! I quit selling Coach purses because even though I knew some to be authentic for sure I had buyers opening cases in the hopes of getting something for nothing :/


  3. Good points here. But I would first try to contact the maker of the item first before paying $25. I had a DVF plaid wool skirt I had questions about. I emailed the company directly and they were so helpful and gave me a ton of info on the skirt.


    • Thank you so much for commenting! I didn’t think of contacting the company directly. I’m glad they were able to help you out. I actually have another DVF dress that I need to authenticate; maybe I’ll try emailing and see what happens.


  4. I think I got a fake Longchamp purse from eBay. I checked all those “spot a fake” websites and it didn’t have any of the obvious flaws, but it’s falling apart more quickly than I would expect. . . . way too late to open a case now. . . . I’m kicking myself for not spending the extra $10 to buy it at Nordstrom. Live and learn!


    • Oh no! I had the same thing happen with some Tory Burch flats. Either they’re just horribly overpriced for their poor quality, or I got a convincing fake. 😦 Lose, lose either way! Sorry about the bag. I’ve come across a few fake Longchamps while thrifting. Since they have so few details to scrutinize, it’s hard to authenticate them. I’ve had the same issue with J Brand jeans–really simple design; easy to fake.

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  5. Great post. I had no idea such a website existed to help you figure out authenticity. I’m so bummed your dress was a fake ;(


  6. I hate to break the bad news but is a fraudulent site…they are just two women out of Indiana (the fashion capital of the world) who started a site and rake in the money. I bought a an item direct from Louis Vuitton and they said it was fake. Don’t let them take your money. Go straight to the designer for free!


  7. Authenticate first is a scam! 2 women with no fashion industry experience who created a website last year and are raking in the buks for total b.s. “Authentications”. Even eBay will not recognize them as authentic. They are just plain old scam artists.


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