Monthly Recap — June 2015

I don’t think I’ve been as delighted by a comma as I am with the one in my “total profit” figure below. I broke $1,000 in profit this month for the first time! I remember, when I was first getting started with this whole eBay thing, my first goal was to hit $1,000 in profit. (Not in a month–just, total.) It took me a few months to get there, from what I remember, and I was SO proud of myself and honestly amazed that I was actually making real live money from what felt like a fun hobby. And now, to have done that in a single month, I’m feeling really proud again, and really grateful. I hope you all did well in June, too!

Looking back on my numbers from last year, July was WAY slower than June, so I’m trying to prepare for that and to come up with some strategies to offset what may be a month with fewer sales. One of the problems last year was that we took a week of vacation (happening again this July), and I hid my listings while we were away. This year, I’m thinking of having a bunch of 7-day auctions running while we’re gone and setting my store in vacation mode, while also chaining my handling time to 7 days. I’m really not sure what’s best, and I’d love to hear how other eBay sellers handle being away from home.

Number of items sold: 64 (up 22 from last month)

Average selling price: $30.09 (down $5.54 from last month)

Total profit: $1,051.63 (up 203.26 from last month)

june 2015 p&l

My best sale was this dress from Anthropologie:

best sale june 2015

I talked about the dress on Instagram shortly after it sold. It made a nice case study in the importance of researching an item before listing it. The short story is that the dress looks like any old Anthro dress that would bring in about $30 or $40, but, for whatever reason, the resale value of this particular dress is much higher than that, as you can see by the $79.99 + shipping sale price. This was listed as BIN or BO, and sat for less than a week before a buyer paid full asking price.

I hope you all had great months as well! If you do monthly income recaps on your blog, I’d love for you to post a link in the comments section!


6 thoughts on “Monthly Recap — June 2015

  1. Great blog! I’m not really much of a blog follower but came across it doing some research. I’ve been an eBay seller full time for over six years and occasionally peek at what’s out there in the way of advice and I find very little that is truly useful. Yours is a nice exception. Good luck in your endeavors. Looks like you’re doing great.


  2. Just wanted to tell you I LOVE your blog and started following you on Instagram. Mostly just wanted to tell you I’m a big fan! Love discovering kindred spirits out there ❤️ Keep up the fantastic work! Xoxo


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