Enhanced Defect Report

If you’re like me, the whole defect system that eBay rolled out months ago causes you a tiny bit of angst. The number of defects you have can make a major impact on your selling account, but eBay hasn’t always made it easy for sellers to understand where their defects are coming from. I’m so happy to see that they’ve take a little step toward making this information more accessible; they’re calling it the “Enhanced Defect Report.” A couple things that make the new report an improvement is that it’s updated daily and that it’s in an easy-to-read chart form.

In true eBay style, it’s a little hard to find the new report. (Facepalm, anyone?) See below for how to find this little nugget of goodness:

How to find eBay's new

In my eBay, hover over the “Account” tab and click “Seller Dashboard”, about half-way down the drop-down list.

defect report

Next, click the first bar under “Your performance to date.” (Mine is the one that says “0.73% of your transactions had defects.”

defect report 2

Next, click the link that says “transaction defect report” down at the bottom of the box.

defect report 3

That’s all you need to do to see your new report:

defect report 4

Anyone else happy about this new tool? What other improvements would you like to see eBay make?


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