Monthly Recap — July 2015

Color me shocked–I broke a thousand dollars in profit again this month! I actually did better than last month! If you recall from my last monthly recap, I was pretty positive July was going to be a bad month. I was wrong. (I like being wrong this time.)

I am really glad that I kept my listings active while on vacation this year. I also sold nearly all of the items I had up for auction. None of those were big sellers–the largest was just over $20–but one of my auction winners also went ahead and spent $90+ on BIN items, in addition to the $2 auction she won.

One thing that I attribute my great July sales to is using eBay’s Promotions tool. The short story is that I am a huge fan of offering discounts on multiple-item orders, and I know that I’ve had far more buyers order more than one item than I used to. I’ll be writing a more in-depth blog post about this soon.

Before I get to the numbers, can I just get all touchy-feely for a minute? When I started as an eBay reseller, my main hope was to make one or two hundred dollars a month to give our budget a little more breathing room. My big, hairy, audacious goal was to make enough profit to pay my monthly student loan bill. It was $250 at the time. I honestly thought that was a pipe dream when I first started, but this month and last month, I made four times the amount that I thought was nearly impossible.

Okay, enough of that–here are the numbers:

Number of items sold:  80 (up 16 from last month)

Average selling price: $ 27.25 (down $2.84 from last month)*

Total profit: $1,197.97 (up $146.34 from last month)

july 2015 p&l


*I include selling price + shipping paid by buyer.

(Click here for my review of Easy Auctions Tracker, the spreadsheet I use to keep up with my income/expenses.)

My best sale of a thrifted item was this Elie Tahari top:

july 2015 best sale


This was one of those no-brainer purchases. The shirt was a nice brand in a larger size and it had the nearly $200 price tag still attached. I paid $4.49. This one did sit for several weeks before selling, and when it finally did go, it was during a 10% off sale, but I’m still really happy with that profit margin.

I hope you all had great months as well! If you do monthly income recaps on your blog, I’d love for you to post a link in the comments section!


5 thoughts on “Monthly Recap — July 2015

  1. That’s great that your sales are up!

    Mine have not been doing too well (although I did sell three things yesterday, so who knows). I went over possible reasons over in my recap. Basically, I’m not too worried and feel like they’ll pick up. I know my inventory is good and I have a lot of watchers, so there is interest!

    Are the clothes that you’re selling right for the season (lots of summer clothes, etc.)?


    • I’ve found that I don’t fall into the typical sales trend with most eBay sellers–i.e. my summers have been good and my 4th quarter hasn’t been nearly as nice as others’.

      Yes, almost all of my sales were summer clothes. I’d say less than 5% were “off season.”


      • That makes me feel a lot better! I also don’t have a “crazy” 4th quarter, but I just don’t find good men’s summer clothing. I don’t think the value is as easy to find as the winter/fall stuff.


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