Interview with Julie from Flipping Thrifty

I’m back with another interview from a fellow eBay seller–I just love these! This time, the lovely Julie from the Flipping Thrifty blog (and @westocjulie Instagram) took the time to give us a peek into her eBay business. Julie is 23 years old from Ocean City, MD. (Jealous!!) She makes about $2,000/mo working 25-30 hours a week! So inspiring!
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1. Tell us how you first got the idea to start selling on eBay.

I first started selling on eBay in 2006.  After Christmas, our Walmart puts everything on clearance 90% and I remember buying about 10 CHI hair straightener kits for about $10 a piece and selling them all for about $75 each.  I was hooked after this!  I started selling a few things here and there throughout high school and college and once I graduated college, just this year, I started putting more time and effort into eBay.  I finally subscribed to a store in February and have been doing it (almost) full-time since then.

2. What does a typical week look like for you?

I really have no set schedule.  Honestly, this month I was having some relationship troubles and being my own boss allowed me to put my work on hold for a little bit.  I love that about eBay!  I try to visit Goodwill at least 3 times a week and on Wednesdays I take a thrifting road trip which will last me literally all day.  I love that I can set my own hours.  I live at the beach in Ocean City, MD and it’s nice that I can work around spending my day at the beach, or work around going out at night.

3. What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome (or are working on now)?

I’m working on becoming a legitimate business right now (terrible I’ve waited this long, I know).  I really am so incredibly confused on the whole tax procedures and am waiting to speak with someone from my local small business center.  Aside from that, the only problem I have is finding items to source at a price I feel comfortable.  I think my thrift stores might have the most expensive prices, my average profit per item is only around $15 – $17 and there are only a couple thrift stores around me, and only one worth sourcing for name brands.  Having such a small profit means I just have to buy a lot more.

4. What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking of starting an eBay business?

Research.  I have spent so much of my free time looking at BOLO lists and following other bloggers.  I also suggest you have the right equipment to take amazing photos, a white or nice clean background, bright lighting, and a good camera.  Other than that, the hardest part is waiting for that first sale, but after the sales start coming you will be hooked. Oh, and definitely get the app because your heart will smile every time you hear that cha-ching!

Thank you, Julie for sharing all this great information!

I would love to interview others and continue this series! If you’re interested in being interviewed, please comment below, or send me an email at Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Interview with Julie from Flipping Thrifty

  1. Awesome! Another Maryland re-seller. 🙂 We went to OCMD right around the time of that hammerhead shark.

    It sounds tough to have such small profits. Garage sales are nice but they’re definitely a crapshoot. Some are great and others have nothing. Thrift stores do a whole bunch of the organization for you, but you pay a premium for it!


  2. I’m also a Maryland re-seller on the other side of the state. I was just in that area a few weeks ago and hit up some good thrift shops. I try to stay away from clothing though. Nice to see younger people reselling.


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