Montly Recap — August and September 2015

Hello! So, I took a bit of a blogging break and didn’t mention anything here (although I did on Instagram) which is really annoying–so sorry!

I am just coming out of the first trimester of my third pregnancy, and it has been a doozy. There has been a lot of sleeping in, a little ebaying, a lot of frozen yogurt eating, but not a whole lot of blogging. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I am starting to feel better, so hopefully I’ll be able to write here a little bit more often. I’ve slowly learned over the last few years that I can only do what I can do, and some things just have to give sometimes.

I’m going to just quickly post my August and September profit charts here. I have received a LOT of great questions in my absence, so I’m planning to go through those with the blog posts they deserve in the upcoming weeks.

Also, if you are curious about the software I use to keep track of my eBay earnings (screenshots below), it’s called Easy Auctions Tracker (affiliate link), and you can use a free trial during October! I used it last year during the free trial and was hooked from there.


aug 2015 montly recap


sept 2015 montly recap

So, overall, a decent two months. I feel like I’m in an $1,100 plateau and am trying to figure out how to break through that. Hoping I can get up to $1,500 one month by the end of the year! Hope y’all had good months and that October is looking promising for you!


5 thoughts on “Montly Recap — August and September 2015

  1. You poor thing! I hope you are feeling better. I had a very difficult pregnancy with my daughter, and felt sick nearly the entire time. I’ve been hoping you’d show up here again soon! You are my eBay guru – truly. I have followed your business model as best I can, and things are beginning to pay off. I look forward to learning much more from you. Take good care of yourself and your sweet baby(ies).


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