Monthly Recap — October 2015

Another quick post! Here are my October numbers. Last year, October was my best month. This year– not so much!

I took a week off during the girls’ fall break from preschool, and then I was really slow to get back on track the next week. The dearth of new inventory was reflected in my sales. If there’s one thing I know about eBay, it’s that you have to keep feeding the beast if you want to keep seeing results. I try not to keep much unlisted inventory on hand, since I don’t have a lot of storage space, but when I miss a week of shopping, I don’t have anything to list!

Number of items sold:  48

Average selling price: $28.90

Total profit: $775.73

oct 2015 p&l

And, because someone usually asks: Click here for my review of Easy Auctions Tracker, the spreadsheet I use to keep up with my income/expenses.

Here’s to hoping I can turn things around during the rest of the year! We’re planning to buy our first house early next year, so every little penny I can save will help, I’m sure! From everything I hear, there are always so many extra expenses when you buy a house. I’d love to have a nice big cushion to take care of those surprises!


5 thoughts on “Monthly Recap — October 2015

  1. Erica, is the cost of goods the amount you spent on new inventory during that month, or the actually cost of the things that sold? Thanks for your response. I hope you are feeling good. 🙂


  2. Thanks to your business model, Erica, I am venturing into clothing on eBay. There is a steep learning curve, but I have had a few good sales! I have also made rookie mistakes. I don’t mind the listing that much. I am not a natural shopper, by any means, so doing the actual thrifting and shopping is my bigger chore. I’m taking it slowly. I did not buy a floor mannequin but did purchase a hanging model. This works well for now. Keep up all the good work. You have inspired us all!


  3. Still solid numbers! The house… Mines a love/hate. We like the idea of having a home for our family but we alsonhate how much time and money it takes. we definitely don’t get to use it in all the ways we thought we would be just because we don’t have enough time in the day! I don’t regret the purchase but I know we can make do on just one of our salaries. That makes us feel a lot better about the whole thing.

    Good luck with the purchase!


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